Bourgogne: Chablis

This is a very nice route with good and welcoming wineries.


Lunch : Relais Saint Vincent (14 Grande rue, 89144 Ligny-le-Châtel)
Served in a Renaissance style decor in the middle of which sits a magnificent 17th century fireplace.
-Domaine Gillon Frères (This harvest in whole bunches makes it possible to preserve as much as possible the integrity and the quality of the grapes.)
-Domaine le Clos de l'Abbaye (Crémant is now ready (after a few weeks of stabilization) at the tasting for your pleasure.)
-Bouchard Pascal (The domain is a family run business. Not too big, Which is nice and the wines of Pascal Bouchard are of excellent quality)
Sleep: Maison du moulin des Roches (Moulin des Roches, 89800 Chablis)
Bed and Breakfast Chablis at the foot of the most famous vineyards of Burgundy.


-Domaine Besson (Domaine Besson is a family-owned and independent estate of four generations of winemakers)
-Olivier Tricon (On all occasions the wines of Chablis can be tasted.)
Lunch: Le St Pere (2 Rue Georges Pompidou | Pompidou, 89700 Tonnerre)
St. Peter is two dining rooms. We organise also your banquets, family meals, birthday meals etc.
-Domaine De Oliveira Lecestre (A delicate nose with white flower aromas (hawthorn) and citrus notes (lemon, grapefruit) on a mineral background (flinty).)