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Mayschoß-Altenahr visits Maysch...
Publicated on: 30-07-2011
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Rotweinwanderweg in the Ahr
Rotweinwanderweg in the Ahr walks the Rot...
Publicated on: 24-08-2011
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Rotweinwanderweg in the Ahr
Meyer-Näkel visits Weingu...
Publicated on: 11-08-2011
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Reviews Ahr

Ahr , Nelles
The wine tasting in the old vaulted cellar as well as the wines were just sensational! Especially the white wines I would rank among the best in the Ahr valley. The Reds were sensational from the smallest Spätburgundr, up to the Grand Crus! Thanks for the sample.
By: Michael Hamers
Ahr , H. J. Kreuzberg
We had a delicious lunch at the terrace of Weingut Kreuzberg. The menu is quite simple, but nevertheless with real German specialties. The wine was of course fine, but unfortunately we had  no time for a full tasting.
By: Martijn Rademakers
Ahr , Mayschoß-Altenahr
Winzergenosschaft Mayschoss-Altenahr is not only large but also versatile. They organize a lot for the guests, but also for the young winemakers (they can make their own wines). The cellars are impressive and about the same as over one hundred years ago. Tasting at the bar is nice and if it is not t...
By: Martijn Rademakers